Construction Permission

Obtain excerpt from the cadastre plan showing status of the land plot

Agency: Municipality (Cadastre Department)

To obtain a copy of the cadastre plan, BuildCo must submit a request form which is available at the Municipality. Due to internal reorganization and automation of the process in the Cadastre Department of the Municipality, the process can be completed in 1 day.

Time and cost: 1 day, BAM 10

Obtain excerpt from the land registry book showing proper registration

Agency: Municipal Court (Land Registry Department)

The excerpt is available from the Land Registry Department of the Municipal Court. The company representative must take a queue number at the office counter in the morning and make a written or oral request. The excerpt will be provided on the same day (usually within 1 hour).

Time and cost: 1 day, BAM 5

Obtain soil test and topographic survey of the land

Agency: Private Licensed Company

A private licensed company will conduct a soil test and a topographic survey of the land plot. Both of these have to be completed in order to develop the project.

A soil test is a necessary step for development of the project. The soil investigation helps to determine the bearing capacity of the land, which helps to determine the load capability, the type and depth of foundation, in order to make sure to select a suitable construction technique.

Time and cost: 14 days, BAM 3,600

Obtain urban planning consent

Agency: Municipality (Urban Planning Department)

BuildCo submits a request to the Municipality for an urban planning consent with the following required documents:

  • Reason for the request, including the project data and documentation required for the Urban Planning Department’s assessment
  • Program sketch
  • Preliminary (or first draft) project design, two examples (or depending on the level of construction complexity, project proposal or program sketch)
  • General schemes for power installations, heating installations, fire prevention and security systems, water supply and sewage systems
  • Excerpt from the cadastre plan, showing right to build and ownership of plot (not older than 6 months)
  • Excerpt from the land registry book, showing proper registration
  • Environmental consent, if requested
  • Other data, if requested
  • For insurance purposes, consent for fire and explosion protection, issued by a competent company
  • Consent for the heating installations, issued by a competent company

Once issued, the urban planning consent is effective for one year, during which time BuildCo may submit a construction permit request.

Time and cost: 30 days, BAM 30

Obtain initial electric power permit from Elektroprivreda BiH

Agency: JP Elektroprivreda BiH dd

The customer has to go to the utility and request the issuance of initial electric power permit which are basic technical conditions to check if the requested capacity is available and if there is a possible collision with existing users. Documents required are: cadastre extract, urban planning consent in certified copies and a rough design.

Time and cost: 30 days, BAM 30

Obtain preliminary consent of water supply and sewage system projects

Agency: Vodovod i Kanalizacije

Once the urban planning consent is issued, BuildCo must submit the description of the main project plan to the municipal water and sewage authority (Vodovod i Kanalizacija).

Time and cost: 28 days, BAM 117

Obtain preliminary consent of study on fire and explosion prevention

Agency: Private Licensed Company

BuildCo must submit electronically the description of the main project plan to the Public Institute for Fire Protection, an independent agency.

Time and cost: 4 days, BAM 900

Obtain validation of the technical audit of the main project

Agency: Auditing Entity

Once the preliminary verification of the study on fire prevention and explosion is obtained, BuildCo must undergo a technical audit, showing that the project was designed in compliance with the urban permit and the provisions of the Law on Spatial Planning. The auditing entity must have at least one engineer who passed the state exam and has 5 years of experience. The signature of an authorized auditor is required to confirm that the project has been revised in its entirety. The total fee for technical audits varies across municipalities, according to Municipal Decisions on the Fee Schedule for the Technical Audit of Construction. The above-stated fee applies to the Sarajevo Municipality.

Time and cost: 5 days, BAM 28,180

Pay the rent fee and shelter construction fee at a commercial bank

Agency: Municipality (Construction Department)

The rent fee and shelter construction fee are paid at a commercial bank to the account of the Municipality’s Urban Planning Department.

Time and cost: 1 day, BAM 32,867

Apply for building permit

Agency: Municipality (Urban Planning Department)

Once the fees are paid, the company must submit a request to the Urban Planning Department with the following documents:

  • Valid urban planning consent
  • Cadastre excerpt: land plot and proof of right to build
  • Proof of payment for purchase of the construction land
  • Proof of rent payments for the paid rent compensation
  • Consents obtained during the issuing of the urban planning permit
  • Consent for stated building; any other enclosures as requested by the authorities
  • Verified development project (two copies) and consents for the project documentations (Project Books 1 and 2, including the preliminary verifications applied for in Procedures 4 to 7)

There is no fee associated with the application.

Time and cost: 30 days, no charge

Request and receive marking out of the land plot

Agency: Municipality (Urban Planning Department)

The request for marking out the land plot must be submitted to the Municipality’s Urban Planning Department with the construction permit and the urban planning consent. The municipal authorities mark out the land plot. The request fee depends on the annual municipal pricing decisions and on the on-site assessment. An average price is BAM 15.00.

This is considered the official commencement of construction works.

Time and cost: 7 days, BAM 15

Hire an external supervising engineer

Agency: Licensed Engineer

BuildCo hires a third party inspector who conducts technical inspections during different phases of construction.

Time and cost: 1 day, BAM 5,640

Request water and sewage connection

Agency: Vodovod i Kanalizacije

BuildCo must contact the municipal water and sewage authority (Vodovod i Kanalizacije) to obtain water and sewage connection. The request should include the preliminary verification and Project Books 1 and 2.

Time and cost: 30 days, BAM 500

Request and receive a final inspection from the Municipality

Agency: Municipality (Urban Planning Department)

No later than the final inspection date, BuildCo must present the following documentation to the Board:

  • Excerpt from the Commercial Court Register, showing that BuildCo is properly registered
  • Details on the each work phase of the construction
  • Building permit (copy)
  • Performance reports verified by the designer of the main project plan to validate compliance with the main project plan as well as terms and conditions specified in the building permit
  • Construction diary and construction book
  • Proof of testing the quality of materials and equipment received from suppliers at the time of purchase
  • Construction mark-out plan and minutes on the performed mark out
  • Construction-site organization scheme
  • Decision on the appointed construction engineers and the supervisors
  • Cadastre plan

The relevant municipal department must appoint an independent professional inspection board for a technical inspection within 15 days of receiving the duly submitted request for issuance of an occupancy permit. The number of board members appointed depends on the type and the complexity of the building; the board will consist of one professional for each type of construction work to be inspected (architectural/engineering, electrical, mechanical, water and sewage system, and so forth).

Time and cost: 30 days, BAM 19,617

Request occupancy permit

Agency: Municipality (Urban Planning Department)

After the technical review of completed construction, BuildCo must submit a request for the occupancy permit and include the following documents:

  • Building permit (copy)
  • Cadastre plan (copy), including an exact plan of the marked final building position
  • Written statements from each contractor, stating the work has been properly performed according to the project design and future maintenance plans
  • A written report (by the construction supervisor) that all materials were of standard quality (certified as such by the suppliers)

BuildCo submits these documents to the Urban Planning Department of the relevant municipality (the same municipal department that issued the building permit). The occupancy permit is issued upon completion of the technical inspection. It is only after the issuance of the occupancy permit that the building may be used.

Time and cost: 15 days, BAM 7,804

Register the building with the Municipality’s Cadastre Department

Agency: Municipality (Cadastre Department)

BuildCo must submit a request to register the building in the cadastre books at the Municipality’s Cadastre Department. Along with the request, BuildCo must submit the occupancy permit, the building permit, the certificate proving the marking out of the property construction site and other documents showing ownership over the property.

During the technical review of the completed construction, the designated authority checks whether there have been any additional changes in the construction and whether the construction was built in accordance with the urban planning consent. If there were any changes, then it would be necessary to obtain a new geodetic image of the plot. Upon registration of the property in the cadastre records, the cadastre forwards an extract to the Land Registry, which will ensure that the property gets registered in the land registry books.

Time and cost: 15 days, BAM 180

Register the building with the Land Registry Department at the District Court of Sarajevo

Agency: Land Registry Department at the District Court Sarajevo

BuildCo must submit a request to register the warehouse in the land registry books at the District Court of Sarajevo. The request form can be found in the Land Registry Department.

Other required documents include:

  • Purchasing agreement or other document as a proof of building and land ownership
  • Occupancy permit
  • Rent and shelter fee payment certificate

BuildCo must pay BAM 60.00 for administrative expenses

The Land Registry Department will register the property upon receiving the excerpt from the cadastre.

Time and cost: 1 day, BAM 30