B/1 Work visa

This visa is for a person whose stay in Israel is approved for a limited period of time for the purpose of work. This visa is given to experts and artists, among others, and is granted solely with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior.

The fee is paid by the applicant when the application is submitted to one of the population administration offices of the Ministry of the Interior. Upon receipt of approval from the Ministry of the Interior, the mission will issue the B/1 Work visa after interviewing the applicant and obtaining from him the following documents:

  • A verified certificate of good conduct
  • Certification of medical examinations performed in clinics or hospitals recognized by the mission (the certification must cover, inter alia, normal results in tests for tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS) and the results of blood tests.
  • A declaration of the taking of a fingerprint (the State of Israel has begun to take a fingerprint from foreign workers who enter the country to work) and a photograph.
  • A completed application for a visa.
  • Two passport pictures (5×5 cm)

Note: The Consul may request additional documents.

The validity of the B/1 Work visa will be in accordance with Ministry of Interior guidelines. The worker must enter Israel within the period of time specified in the visa and stay in the country as specified in the visa. A person who receives such a visa may apply to one of the population administration offices of the Ministry of the Interior to extend the visa.

Processing Time: 12-14 weeks

Cost: Approx. USD 46

B/2 Visitor’s visa

A B/2 visa is granted to someone who wishes to stay in Israel for only a short time (for a visit, tourism, a business meeting or study in a Hebrew ulpan). A person who enters Israel on a B/2 visa is not allowed to work in the State of Israel.

A B/2 visa is valid for up to three months from the date of issue. The duration of the stay in Israel will be determined by the Border Police. A visitor who wishes to extend his visit may submit an application at one of the regional population administration offices of the Ministry of the Interior.

The process to be handled at the mission:

  • Presentation of a travel document that is valid for at least six months beyond the period of the stay in Israel
  • A completed and signed application for a visa to enter Israel
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s travel document
  • Proof of the applicant’s sufficient financial means for the visit to Israel
  • Order for round trip airline tickets to and from Israel
  • Two passport pictures (5×5 cm)
  • Payment of the fee

Processing Time: Approx. 14-20 weeks

Cost: Approx. USD 23


Israel has visa exemption agreements with many countries – for visits of up to 90 days. Before going to the mission, check whether you need to obtain a visa to visit Israel.

Applying for work permits in Israel requires multiple steps and it is important to renew the permits annually.

To receive an Israeli work permit, it is necessary, together with the employer, to apply to different branches of the Israeli government. Have copies of all travel documents, educational certificates and employer contracts, and make sure the employer also has those documents.

The employer acts as an official sponsor for the work permit, and they submit an initial permit application to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor. The application includes information about the desired prospective position and salary with the company. The Ministry will process the application in 4-8 weeks.

If the employee is approved by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor, they will send a letter of recommendation to the Ministry of Industry. At this point in time, the employee must apply to his/her consulate for a work permit. The nearest consulate will evaluate additional documents and also recommend the employee to the Ministry of Industry for a work permit. If the employee is approved by these branches of government, his/her consulate will issue a work permit.

It is important to apply for a work visa at the same time as the work permit. Work visas allow employees to enter the country. Within 30 days of arriving in Israel, it is necessary to apply for an extended work visa. This extended visa is valid for a year and allows for multiple entries into Israel.