Construction Permission

Obtain tax clearance from the Tax Authority

Agency: Tax Authority

Time and cost: 7 days, ILS 20

Obtain tax clearance from the Municipality

Agency: Finance department of the Municipality

The applicant must first obtain the clearance from the tax authority, prior to requesting the clearance from the Financial department of the Municipality

Time and cost: 2 days, USD 42

Obtain site map from municipality

Agency: Municipality

BuildCo must obtain a location map from the municipality to check that the proposed constructions project is allowed on this land. The location map will also describe the setbacks and will identify guidelines for construction such as the percentage of the land BuildCo may build on, height limitations, etc.

Time and cost: 3 days, ILS 154

Obtain survey map from a licensed surveyor

Agency: Licensed Surveyor

The survey map is usually at a scale of 1:500 or 1:250 and shows, in addition to the boundaries, the levels and/ or contour lines, the site, and the surroundings, including sewerage, electricity, telephone, and water connections.

Time and cost: 10 days, ILS 1,200

Obtain geotechnical study / soil test

Agency: Private Building Laboratory

A law requiring a soil exam went into effect in 2001, but because of the economic situation, some companies do not comply with it. However, since January 2005, the Engineers Syndicate stopped approving any plan without the soil test for projects exceeding 200 sq. m. A minimum of 3 boreholes must be made on the proposed site. If the building is an extension above an existing building, a report about the state of the existing building must be submitted.

Time and cost: 14 days, ILS 7,000

Submit all building plans for review to the Engineers Association

Agency: Independent Syndicate Engineer

As required by the Engineers’ Association, BuildCo must submit the structural, mechanical, architectural and electrical plans to the Engineers Association for review. The complete set must be given, otherwise the file will be rejected for completion. Each project has to be licensed by a locally registered and licensed engineering/architecture office. The engineer who designed the plans may also be the supervisor conducting the technical inspections during construction, per the instruction of the Engineers Association. There is no requirement that it must be an independent engineer. However, if the contractor wishes to hire the Engineers Association to do the technical inspection, he/she may do so.

Time and cost: 14 days, ILS 1,951

Obtain building permit from the municipality

Agency: Municipality

To obtain a building permit from the municipality, BuildCo must submit the following documents in five copies, one copy each for the consulting office, the municipality, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the engineer, as well as one copy that will be returned to BuildCo:

  • Land property title, including, site map, location map, city-land parcel number, and area regulations signed by a surveyor
  • Documents about dimensions
  • Project drawings: the proposed site plan and architectural plans, including dimensions, furniture, and reflected ceiling; and elevation, sections, and area diagrams with door and window schedules
  • Structural drawings, including foundation plans, slabs, and details
  • Plans for utilities, lighting, and earthling diagrams
  • Mechanical plans for hot and cold water supplies, heating/cooling, ventilation, and sewerage
  • Soil test
  • Application form

The municipality must approve all copies mentioned above. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities must also approve BuildCo’s set of copies, as do the utility companies.

Time and cost: 21 days, USD 19,172

Obtain the civil defense clearance

Agency: Civil Defense

As of 2014, the Municipality now requests the civil defense clearance on behalf of the applicant as part of the building permit application. In practice the applicant must obtain this clearance.

Time and cost: 10 days, ILS 1,561

Receive site inspection by the Ministry of Antiquities

Agency: Ministry of Antiquities

While the municipality is still processing the building permit application, an agent will conduct a site visit to check that there are no artifacts on the land.

Time and cost: 7 days, USD 42

Obtain an excavation permit

Agency: Engineers Association

The contractor (usually the engineer who designed the structural plans) will provide the following documents to the Engineers Association for verification and approval:

  • Lab reports
  • Name of site engineer
  • Supervision contract
  • Plans of excavation

Once the engineers have verified that all documentations are accurate, the chief engineer will sign on the document granting permission to proceed with the excavation (for such a warehouse, the excavation will probably be about 3 meters and the foundation will be around 80 cm).

Time and cost: 2 days, no charge

Notify the Municipality of Commencement of construction

Agency: Municipality of Ramallah

The contractor will inform the Municipality of the start of construction so that the Municipality can verify the foundation once it has started.

Time and cost: 1 day, no charge

Receive foundation boundaries inspection

Agency: Municipality

During construction the municipality randomly inspects the excavation work to ensure it complies with the building laws and regulations. The Syndicate Engineer however is the one responsible for inspecting the construction work as it relates to the engineering. Any building over 600 sq. m. must have a supervising engineer on site at all times.

Time and cost: 1 day, no charge

Submit concrete casting permit to Engineers Association for stamping

Agency: Engineers Syndicate

As of 2014, the Engineers Syndicate now directly emails the stamped concrete casting permit to the Municipality. Therefore, BuildCo would no longer need to visit the Municipality in person to submit this permit.

Time and cost: 1 day, no charge

Request and receive final inspection from Municipality

Agency: Municipality

BuildCo must request and receive the final inspection from the Municipality in order to obtain the certificate of completion

Time and cost: 1 day, no charge

Receive final inspection from Civil Defense

Agency: Civil Defense

BuildCo will receive a final inspection from the Civil Defense to ensure the construction is compliant with the approved plans

Time and cost: 1 day, no charge

Receive completion certificate from Civil Defense

Agency: Civil Defense

After inspecting the building, the Civil Defense will issue a completion certificate.

Time and cost: 14 days, no charge

Receive completion certificate from Municipality

Agency: Municipality

The Municipality will issue a completion certificate if the construction was done according to the approved plans.

Time and cost: 7 days, no charge

Submit municipal letters of approval to Water and Sewage Company (GEKA) and request an appointment for inspection

Agency: Water and Sewage Company (GEKA)

Time and cost: 1 day, no charge

Receive water and sewage inspection

Agency: Water and Sewage Company (GEKA)

After submitting the request for water and sewage connection, BuildCo will receive an inspection from GEKA to estimate the cost of the connection

Time and cost: 1 day, no charge

Obtain water and sewage connection

Agency: Water and Sewage Company (GEKA)

Time and cost: 14 days, ILS 3,500