Property Registration

Submit the original title deed, sign a sale and purchase agreement, pay the registration fee and obtain a new deed certificate

Agency: Real Estate Registration Department of the Ministry of Justice

The seller and the buyer submit the application documents and the original deed of the property at the Real Estate Registration Department at the Ministry of Justice.

Application documents include:

  • The original title deed and plan of the property;
  • ID cards of seller and buyer;
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Commercial registration of each company;
  • Immigration card of each company;
  • A valid resolution from each company approving the transfer and authorizing representatives to sign and execute the transfer.

The counter staff checks the IDs of the seller and the buyer and verifies the information of the property using the electronic database. All the information on the property is kept in the electronic database and linked to an individual ID. The staff verifies if the property has encumbrances or not. If there are any encumbrances, the transaction will not proceed until these encumbrances are cleared.

After verifying the information on the property, the parties provide the sale price of the property to the staff. The sale price should be in a range of prices set by the Department. The staff determines the transfer fee, which is 0.25% of the purchase price.

The sale and purchase agreement is printed, and the parties will sign on the agreement.

After the agreement is signed, the buyer will pay the fee for obtaining a new deed certificate (QAR 200), the fee for issuing a plan of the property (QAR 100) and the transfer fee at the same counter. The parties can make the payment either by check or a credit card. Once the payment is made, the buyer receives a receipt. The new deed certificate will be signed electronically and printed on watermarked paper. A new plan of the property is also issued. All the procedures are completed by one staff at the same counter.

Time and cost: 1 day, QAR 31,094.56

  • The fee for obtaining a new deed certificate: QAR 200
  • The fee for issuing a plan of the property: QAR 100
  • The transfer fee: 0.25% of the property value