Property Registration

Submit the original and one copy of the transfer deed at the Land Registry with the signatures of both parties

Agency: Land Registry

After the buyer purchased property, the buyer (or the buyer’s bank if a loan is involved) applies for registration of new ownership in the Land Registry within three months after the purchase took place. With the application for registration of ownership, the deed of accession should be attached.

The seller and the buyer must sign a deed of transfer. The signature of the transferor must be witnessed by two persons. The deed must contain the purchase price, the identity of the seller and the buyer and the identity of the property. As the transaction is between two legal entities, documents attesting that the signer has the right to act on behalf of the legal entity must also be attached.

There is no need for a lawyer or notary to be involved in the process. Submission through the bank is common practice. The submission can also be made online. After the registration is completed, the applicants will receive the notification.

Ownership is transferred at the moment of signing the deed. The purpose of registration is to protect the interests of any party holding a right in a property and to inform anyone else affected by that right in any possible way, by publishing the registered information and to guarantee the correctness of the information through a government guarantee.

Time and cost: 7 days, SEK 1,016,747.42 (SEK 825 + 4.25% of the value of the property)