Construction Permission

Hire an external certified supervisor

Agency: Private Company

BuildCo must hire a licensed private company to conduct construction supervision, including conducting any necessary inspections. The supervisor cannot be an employee of BuildCo. At the end of the construction, the supervisor must provide a “supervisor’s report”.

Time and cost: 1 day, SEK 180,000

Hold technical consultation meeting with Building Committee of the Municipality

Agency: Building Committee of the Municipality

Under the Building Act, before the building permit is issued, a technical consultation meeting is held with the attendance of municipality officials, BuildCo and an external certified supervisor. During the meeting, they will discuss documents such as the inspection plan, which will be later implemented during and after construction. After the meeting, the Municipality will issue the building permit to BuildCo.

Time and cost: 15 days, no charge

Obtain building permit

Agency: Municipality

The building permit may be granted by the Building Committee, if considered appropriate and in accordance with the Municipal Comprehensive Plan. The documents that need to be presented are the following:

  • Application form
  • Action list
  • Situation plan
  • Phase Drawing
  • Plan drawing
  • Sectional drawing
  • Detailed drawing
  • Field planning drawing
  • Settlement Plan
  • Material and color description
  • Details of the Certified Supervisor

If the application is refused, the applicant does not receive compensation.

The only way to secure an almost automatic right to a building permit is via the Detailed Development Plan (DDP). Formally, the planning initiative and responsibility lie in the hands of the Municipality, though in practice much of the initiative and work to take a plan forward may come from the private developer. When a DDP is adopted, the land owner can get approval of the building permit application if the building is in accordance with the plan regulations and if the construction satisfies the requirements. If the application is refused, the applicant has a right to compensation for losses, provided that the application is filed within the prescribed time of the DDP.

Time and cost: 60 days, SEK 88,680

Receive decision to commence construction

Agency: Building Committee of the Municipality

BuildCo must attend a meeting with the Building Committee prior to starting construction. The associated cost is included in the building permit application fee.

Time and cost: 5 days, no charge

Receive inspection from the Building Committee

Agency: Planning Department

Once construction has started, the Building Committee will conduct a site visit to verify that the construction is not deviating from the approved building plans. No further inspection will take place since there is an external supervising engineer. This is in accordance to Section 27 of the Building Regulations.

Time and cost: 1 day, no charge

Submit supervisor’s report and hold final consultation meeting

Agency: Building Committee of the Municipality

There will be a final consultation meeting with BuildCo, the authority and the supervisor. The supervisor must submit a supervisor’s report, stating the building has been built in compliance with the regulations. According to Section 32 of the Building Regulations, the final consultation will normally be held at the location of the construction site. The committee will then discuss if the building is in compliance with the approved plans and will issue the final certificate.

Time and cost: 10 days, no charge

Obtain water and sewerage connection

Agency: Stockholm Water Company

The time and cost for water and sewerage connection depend, to some extent, on the distance from the excavation works.

Time and cost: 25 days, SEK 190,000

Obtain final certificate

Agency: Building Committee of the Municipality

At the end of the project, the Building Committee issues a final certificate if all requirements have been met. The building permit does not concern the technical requirements for the building. It is BuildCo’s responsibility to ensure and to certify in writing that the building meets mandatory provisions to the Committee.

Time and cost: 10 days, no charge