Property Registration

Obtain the non-encumbrance certificate from the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI)

Agency: State Unitary Enterprise “Real Estate Registration” (SUE).

The vendor prepares documents confirming the ownership rights for the buildings and documents confirming absence of bans, arrest and mortgage on the property to be sold. Among ownership documents for the building is a SUE certificate, which provides technical characteristics of the building and its inventory cost, as well as information on encumbrance. It is issued for 1 month. The current certificate is taken to the SUE, where there is a database with all plots of land. The certificate is to be updated with the most recent information on an actual size of the land/immovable property, on changes made (i.e. additional buildings constructed, or any changes made to the immovable property), including additional obligations and characteristics. The updated certificate is returned to the vendor. The certificate is required for notarization of sale purchase agreement by notary.

Time and cost: 2 days, TJS 100.2

Obtain the tax clearance certificate from the Ministry of State Revenue and Duties

Agency: Tax Committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

The vendor obtains a certificate (spravka) to show that all taxes have been paid, and makes any necessary payments in arrears. It is required for protection of the buyer from the unforeseen tax burdens related to the property being acquired and also for the notary to confirm the absence of any tax arrears.

Time and cost: 1 day, no charge

Prepare and notarize the sale purchase agreement

Agency: Public Notary

It is mandatory for the notary to notarize the sale purchase agreement.

Documentation requirements:

  • Identification documents of buyer and seller, including document conforming tax ID (either ID certificate or a passport with a tax ID stamp) of each of the party involved;
  • Documents confirming the seller’s ownership rights for the property;
  • SUE Certificate providing characteristics of the building and its inventory cost (including information on encumbrances – bans, arrests, mortgages);
  • Certificate from the Tax inspection confirming absence of tax debts;
  • Rights confirming documents for the land plot where the building is located;
  • Original foundations documents of the agreement parties i.e. charters, foundation agreements and documents on registration;
  • Documents evidencing authorities of the agreement signatories such as Power of Attorney, Extract from the Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders or Order on appointment of the CEO etc.

Time and cost: 1 day, TJS 12,362.8 (40% of the calculation index applied on each square meter of the property lot (55 Somoni x 0.4=22 Somoni per square meter of the land plot only) + 100 Somoni (registration fee))

Register the property rights for the building at the State Unitary Enterprise

Agency: State Unitary Enterprise “Real Estate Registration” (SUE)

The purchaser goes to a branch of the State Unitary Enterprise in order to register the building and the property rights transfer. A note is made in the registry book and the inventory cards of SUE on the basis of the purchase agreement. Thus, a new entry is made in the SUE database. The transfer is processed and a new certificate transferring the rights, “Shahodatnoma” is issued.

Time and cost: 30 days, TJS 130.91 (Cost for registration is 1.4 times the standard cost of 93.51)